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One true ethic... Feb. 1st, 2005 @ 09:06 pm
Moral Quandry cruch conundrum.

Goes no further than...yes...Sasta...inability.

If you followed me thus far... TAKE THE ONE TONNE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go to www.climatechange.gc.ca and order one.

Do you think Eviron-mentalists and the Greenparty and the greenpeace(s) and the frog watch and the save the cranes foundation and the WWF and the Bat society and ducks unlimited and ... are too freaky. Just email me and Ill hook you up to saving the planet.

Brought to you by Mother Earth and the_reef
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Send to everyone...! Jun. 21st, 2004 @ 04:06 pm
The federal election is in full swing and polling day is fast
> approaching. We need to make sure that people are voting. Jun 18, 19
> and 21 are advanced polling days. If you are not going to be here Jun
> 28th, please arrange to vote. Your returning officer can tell you were
> the advanced polls are.
> It is very important that people vote in this election. I know
> everyone who reads this e-mail will come out and vote but we need to
> think about who else we can help to vote. Who have we missed?
> If there are young people in your life, please help them to vote. You
> can put them on the voters list right now by having them call the
> returning officer in the riding. Is there someone who needs a ride to
> the polling booth in your neighbourhood? We are a Green communty let's
> act like one. Let's help out the people who need help getting
> involved.
> If someone is an objector and has always been a non-voter please tell
> them that $1.75 of their money will be left for the government to
> squander if they do not vote. If they vote it will go to the party of
> their choice. It is not much but it is their money.
> Most of all, thank-you for your help and support in this election.
> We are here. We are Green, get used to it.
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how you can help... Jun. 2nd, 2004 @ 08:26 am
This is from the green party directly in regards to their exclusion in the public debate.

Dear Candidates, Members, Friends and Concerned Citizens,

By now you may have heard that Jim Harris, the Leader of the Green
Party of Canada, has been excluded from the televised Leader's

This despite the fact that we currently have over 300 confirmed
candidates, despite the fact that we have plans to become only the
fourth party in Canadian history to run a full slate of 308
candidates, despite the fact that we are polling at 6% nationally and
despite the fact that a seat at the debate table has been opened up
by the merger of the Progressive Conservative and the Canadian
Alliance parties. You can further familiarize yourself with the
strong case we have for inclusion in the debate by downloading and
reading our "Letter to Broadcasters," available on the home page of
our website (http://www.greenparty.ca/).

Many of you have already let us know that you are outraged by this
turn of events. Now we are asking for your help. We are confident
that a mass outpouring of support can reverse this decision. We can
still get Jim into the debates and get our message out to all
Canadian voters. Time is short however - with the debates scheduled
for June 14 and 15 we need you to act now.

There are a number of broadcasters involved in the decision to
exclude Jim from the debates. The contact information for the primary
people involved in the decision to exclude us is below. Please review
the attached sample letters and phone, fax, write and email these
individuals and the CRTC to let them know you want to see Jim in the
debates. When you write to individual broadcasters and media outlets
please remember to be as polite as possible. The more personal the
missive the better! Handwritten letters and post cards are best and
faxed messages are better than emails.

When you send email comments please carbon copy (CC) the email
address debates@greenparty.ca as well. That way we will know how many
of you are responding to our call for help. We can't guarantee a
timely response to emails sent to that address but if you would like
more information you can also contact us by phone at 1-866-868-3447
or by email at info@greenparty.ca.

You can also sign our petition by going to our "How You Can Help"
Debate Action Page

Please forward this email to all of your contacts and encourage them
to contact the broadcasters as well. Thank you from all of us!

Towards a Greener Future,

The Green Party of Canada

Authorized by the registered agent for the Green Party of Canada



To Whom It May Concern,

I am outraged at the decision of the broadcast consortium to exclude
the Green Party from the televised leaders’ debate. With polls
indicating that 5 per cent of voters support the Green Party and its
full slate of 308 candidates, the decision is simply appalling.

As voter apathy increasingly undermines the principles of democracy,
Canadians deserve to be informed about alternatives. If the emergence
of the Green Party is the impetus that will inspire young people to
return to the voting booth why don’t we hear more about them?

The media is totally off the mark in how it admonishes people for not
embracing their democratic right. It is less the fault of voters
below the age of 24, who are the most likely to vote Green, than the
media that neglects to legitimize their concerns.

Sincerely ...



To Whom It May Concern,

I am frustrated by the decision of Canada’s broadcasting consortium
not to invite the Green Party to the leaders’ debate, starting June
14. Support for the party is strong in Québec, Ontario, and British
Columbia, where star candidates like Andrew Lewis (Saanich-Gulf
Islands) are turning heads in their ridings.

The Green Party is emerging as “the new kid on the block” and I
personally would like to see more of them. When a Reader’s Digest
poll released in January 2003 on the trustworthiness of professionals
in Canada placed federal politicians at the bottom rung of the
ladder, it points to a larger problem of credibility.

My question to the media is: why are you spoon-feeding us the same
old diet of bland politics when the Green Party has so much to offer?
The Green’s commitment to proportional representation and equal work
for equal pay place it front and center in the hearts of Canadians
who are concerned about the future.

Sincerely ...



To Whom It May Concern,

What’s up with the consortium of Canadian broadcasters? Excluding the
Green Party from the leaders’ debate confirms, in my mind, that the
media is part of the problem. The writing is on the wall: in the 2001
B.C. election, Green Party support among 18-34 year-old voters was 28
per cent – the highest support for any party. So why is the Green
Party underrepresented in the media?

It’s appalling how news agencies are contributing to voter apathy in
this country. The Green Party exists in more than 100 countries, and
has elected representatives in nations all over the world. Still the
media refuses to acknowledge their increasing influence.

Hence I am writing today to request that the consortium reverse its
decision and allow the Green Party to participate in the debates. The
importance of this debate cannot be overstated. There is widespread
agreement among political scientists and mass communication experts
that televised leaders’ debates in this country have gone on to
become defining moments in federal election campaigns. It would be
wrong to deny the Green Party their right to participate.

Sincerely ...





Contact: Joanne MacDonald

Phone: 416-332-5000

Fax: 416-332-6314

Email: jmacdonald@ctv.ca

Feedback: fanmail@ctv.ca


Contact: Arnold Amber

Phone: 416-205-7847

Fax: 416-205-5620

Email: arnold_amber@cbc.ca

Ombudsman: ombudsman@cbc.ca

*Global TV*

Contact: Peter Kent

Phone: 416-446-5487

Email: pkent@globaltv.ca

Feedback: globalnews.tor@globaltv.com


Contact: Renaud Gilbert [ombudsman]

Phone: 514-597-4757

Email: ombudsman@radio-canada.ca


Email: nouvelles@tva.ca

Contacts: http://preprod.tva.ca/contactez-nous/stations.shtml


*CRTC* [please consider filing a complaint]

Contact: William Howard

Phone: 877-249-2782

Fax: 819-994-0218

Email: info@crtc.gc.ca

Web: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/

*Canadian Association of Broadcasters*

Contact: Sandra Graham [public affairs]

Email: sgraham@cab-acr.ca

Phone: 613-233-4035

Fax: 613-233-6961

Web: http://www.cab-acr.ca/

*Canadian Broadcast Standards Council*

Phone: 866-696-4718

Fax: 613-233-4826

Email: complaints@cbsc.ca

Web: http://www.cbsc.ca/

new guy. May. 24th, 2004 @ 11:49 am
Hello there,

my name's Ian and i'm an almost graduated grade 12 student from Alberta. I'm an avid environmentalist, and a strong believer in the values and ideologies behind the Green Party's platforms. As this is my first year as a legal citizen, I'm excited about the opportunity to participate in the "democratic" process...and I probably will be voting Green. So I stumbled across this community and figured I'd join right up.

If there's any suggestions out there about assisting with the campaign on a local, regional or national level, please let me know! It's refreshing to see something hopeful and promising that has the right idea(s) behind it.

So thank you! I'm looking forward to learning more about the Party and its possibilities.


Not all greenparty voters are left wing.. May. 24th, 2004 @ 11:08 am
When Ipsos-Reid asked Green Party voters in BC, “If the Green Party
didn’t exist how would you have voted?” a staggering 30% said they
would not have voted at all; 30% said they would have voted
center-right and 40% center-left.” This is important for two reasons:
1) The Green Party is pulling more people into the democratic process
as a percentage of our support than any other party and; 2) We pull
our support from across the whole political spectrum.

Based on voter turn out in 2000 – the GPC’s 5% in the polls means
that 640,000 Canadians will be voting green! But I believe when we’re
on the debate we’ll win over 1,000,000 votes.
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» First post - The word is out !!
Welcome to the community !

Here is one of the more recent GPC new releases:

We have had a fantastic three days since the launch of the platform.
The Green Party has been featured in every type of media, at every

*Our message of sensible, sustainable solutions is out!*

Check out these links to recent news articles:

Toronto Star - Greens predict they'll win seats... click here

Green Party goes where no other has gone
Montreal Gazette - Montreal,Quebec,Canada
... is poised to elect MPs for the first time in Canada, given that
recent polls place the party at five per cent nationally and that the
BC Green party won 12.4 ... click here

Green Party reaches out to disenchanted
The Globe and Mail - Canada
... Unlike the old-line parties, the Green Party of Canada thinks
long-term,” he said. “We're asking Canadians to redefine progress ...
click here

This *amazing exposure* will be the springboard to launch our
candidates' campaigns across the country.

We have received a *huge increase* in the number of hits on our
platform website over the past few days. If you have not already read
our 2004 platform you can find it here

Go to the "Download" page to get a PDF version of the final printed
platform. Tell friends and family; forward this email to everyone you

Great things are happening! Someday is *now*.

Wayne Crookes

GPC Federal Campaign Manager
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